the Face Of Crime In Guyana Is The Afro Guyanese Male

unfortunately this is the face we see when they talk about crime in guyana
Negroe criminals like Jagdeo, Nandlall, irfaan, priya et al sit in parliament and get addressed as “the honorable”
I could list 20 members of parliament who’ve caused more destruction than Jamal Forde ever dreamed of
he doesnt have a seat in parliament or access to the national treasury
dharamkumar seeraj stole 100 million from the rice development board
but his seat in parliament is secured
how many hundreds have jagdeo, rohee, nandlall et al murder?
all easily forgotten
ever heard of the private sector commission?
that’s a mafiosi outfit guilty of everything from rape to murder & much more
the problem which no one wants to acknowledge is the crimogenic nature of the country we live in
we just keep churning out criminals
see the APNU AFC gold rush

One response to “the Face Of Crime In Guyana Is The Afro Guyanese Male”

  1. The sad reality of our world, Mark. An African-American man was choked to death by the police for selling loose cigarettes on the street. The hands of justice weigh heavily on the poor of our world.

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