Police ordered to allow certain negroes to drive on wrong side of Demerara Harbour Bridge approach

the demerara harbour bridge is a daily unfolding didaster
one area hardly spoken about is certain drivers endangering the lives of others driving on the wrong side of the road
invariably the drivers committing these illegal acts are police officers, family & friends of police officers, govt functionaries and other random negroes

this morning i asked a senior police officer why this was being allowed
he looked scared, then confused then resigned
i told him this is the second day in a row i was almost struck by these speeding drivers
in total brutal honesty he said, sir we have been ordered to let certain vehicles drive on this side to avoid the traffic
he looked fed up

the good life is coming minus law and order
eat drink & be merry

I took these photos sitting on the first row of a bus coming off the western end of bridge. Notice cars and cycles on wrong side speeding towards us

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