Development Is About People, Not Economies: A Blog Post by Patrick Gathara

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I am a big fan of Kenyan cartoonist and political commentator Patrick Gathara’s blog. I often find that his articles ring true for Jamaica, too – although Kenya of course has its own specific issues. Here’s another thought-provoking post from Mr. Gathara. You may find the link here…

Last week I was invited to what was described as a Global Think In event, basically a series of conversations between academics on Columbia University’s New York campus and scholars and participants in nine Columbia Global Centers in cities around the world. The question we were asked to ponder was: What issue relating to the changing world do you find most urgently pressing in your region?

Now the world is changing in many, quite drastic ways which pose serious challenges to people in Kenya and on the African continent. These include the perils of climate change as evidenced by the current drought…

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3 responses to “Development Is About People, Not Economies: A Blog Post by Patrick Gathara”

  1. Thanks for sharing this! I love Gathara and although I am not familiar with all the cultural nuances, so much of his writing seems to apply to Jamaica – and, I guess, the Caribbean and this region too…

    1. we all in the same boat to nowhere 🙂

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