dear whiteman – ramesh dookoo & guyana private sector cocaine speaks #greenheart

king ramesh dookhoo sent me this with orders

dear whiteman

let me get straight to the punt
yall mek up some excuse and banning we green heart into england
whiteman you mekkin a big mistake we will fight you

three big negroes of the private sector commission on the war path. l to r nascimento, boyer & king dookhoo
three big negroes of the private sector commission on the war path. l to r nascimento, boyer & king dookhoo

you have no business intervening in our business is the same thing yall doing wid the sugar
guyana is managing the forest sector well and we know what we doing so i dont know how come yall jump up and say not that we not. we got rangers on foot and ATV all ova de bush. the hell wid you and yuh satellite imagery
this letter is a rush cause i real vex but i is english too. i could talk good so dont feel like yall can run we no talks

the private sector cocaine is putting together a team along with the govt to make you change this decision fortwith
whiteman we not playing this time. this is more than greenheart we know this and yall not cutting we out the cocaine trade. dis is wuh dis letter is really about
we will fight you white man. i serious
dookhoo is a man who does talk he story plain so hear wuh do wuh you gah do so we thing cud sell in europe
otherwise we comin ova deh and if we gah kick dung buckingham door is duh

we giving yall couple days before we launch we attack. if you want you can write me
Ramesh Dookhoo

it gon reach me dont worry. but if you ain feel like writing call me 225-8624
if you ain feel like calling email me
whiteman we ain playing dis time around and doan feel we gon sit back and ‘low you fuh destroy we country
we wont do it

yours truly,

“A decision has been made that we will apply the timber procurement policy rigorously and that we will only buy timber from legal and sustainable sources. This currently prohibits the purchase of new Greenheart’ (from Guyana) as it does not have sufficient evidence (based on UK Government requirements) that the forests of origin are sustainably managed.”

totally unrelated
a few moons ago when the marriot was about to open and the ppp was rolling towards another election victory in their minds. one ramesh dookhoo in his big pick up swerved towards the line of protesters as if he wanted to run us over in front of the umana yana. he was late to the grand opening & ball sponsored by brian hunt [us charge d’affaires] and the other big white honchos of the day. dookhoo, all his ppp criminal friends and the boys and girls of the private sector cocaine were all front and centre clinking champagne glass.

as an aside, there are over 15000 businesses in Guyana. the private sector cocaine has 117 members but with a straight face claims to represent the Guyana private sector. oh really!? don’t let these negroids fool you. the psc is an elite club of criminals, non-innovators, tax dodgers, shake down artists, exploiters, buy cheap junk in china/india and sell back experts.
am looking forward to the showdown between. mzungu versus dookhoo & company. hmmm wonder who’s gonna win this contest
ladies and gentlemen this one is too close to call. we will have to go to the scorecards

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