Sanjay Jewellery ‘robbery’ a clever hoax on Guyana Police?

this story is mighty odd and am a bit pissed at the Guyana INjustice system that he is still on the road after being found guilty of killing Leon Hunt
and i just remembered one of this jokers acolytes promised to kill me after what i wrote at the time

Kaieteur News: The businessman said he was the only one at the premises and had no security guards at the time.
“The guy stick me up and say, ‘This is a stick up.’ I opened the gate and throw away my phone and the padlock.”

Guyana Chronicle: After the men made good their escape, Persaud immediately sought help by calling 911, but his calls went unanswered.

“I never got on to 911. I called 912 and a lady answered me, and I told her what happened and she said she will make contact with the police; and then I remembered two people off my head and I dialled their numbers,” he said.

here what’s interesting
only in the tee.vee interview does sanjay say he was tied up. or maybe the other reporters forgot that part

maybe they tied him loose and to the front? cause he somehow managed to dial the police hundreds of times. did he use a landline, another cell phone or did he go outside and find the one he threw away?
am sure the Guyana Police will get to the bottom of this crime against one of their chosen few

after all $300 million disappeared into the dark night
dutch accents baby
damn you Suriname 🙂

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