Baroness Valerie Amos opposes reparations for African descendants of slavery #guyana

am not into certain kinds of negroe firsts so i’ve never really paid attention to this lady
thanks elton mcrae, this one make me spill my imaginary cup of coffee

just did a lil clicking and reading and this lady has a shocking history. forget the smiling face and lil isalnd girl goes to england and makes it big. valerie amos is one of the most rabid shock troops for the british empire.

you no longer have to be white to be a member of the white supremacist orders of the world. insert your favourite negroe for empire name here _____________

am not sure Guyanese who fete this woman know who they really fete’in up with. she’ll be mingling comfortably at the new york jubilee celebrations. and skinnin and grinnin with some folks who think britain owes guyana, the caribbean, africa and the world reparations.

“Until they became conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious.”  – George Orwell, 1984

as i said, i know nothing about this story so am going to let sir hillary beclkes speak on it. he leads the caricom reparations drive and is the vice chancellor of the university of the west indies

Blair’s government maintained the” ANTI-SLAVE” line, principally because British Blacks have been unable, as citizens and as representatives of governments, to challenge this lineage of power and racial license.

As a result, the 1834 ANTIPATHY TO THE ENSLAVED continues to be echoed in the British Parliament that continues to reject the idea of compensation for slavery. Buxton stands tall today as an historic figure for human justice, while Blair paled as a polar opposite when the matter came before his government in 2007.

Blair directed his Durban delegates to adopt A HARD-LINE ANTI-REPARATIONS POSITION.

They arrived (at the World Conference against racism) led by Baroness Amos, AN ASTUTE BLACK POLITICIAN AND DIPLOMAT, to carry the policy position.

As a result the British delegation was inflexible on the issue of historical crimes AND BELIGERANT ON REPARATIONS.

Amos was adamant that SLAVERY AND SLAVE TRADING WERE NOT CRIMES because the British Parliament, and its colonial machinery, had made them legal. Despite 200 years of Black resistance and rebellion, she insisted that the slave system was legal because the British Parliament deemed it to be so. Aware that national law does not legalize crimes against humanity, she did not retreat in the face of overwhelming historical arguments.

Historical truth counted for little. Amos’s army of officials was silent when asked to put themselves in the position of the two million Africans that the British warehoused in West African forts and crammed into slave-ships. They appeared stone-faced when asked to imagine themselves captives on the Zong when Captain Collingwod prepared to throw them to sharks. IT WAS ALL LEGAL, the British argued…AND THE BARONESS DEFENDED IT.

EXCERPT 2 FROM “BRITAIN’S BLACK DEBT”by Professor Hilary Beckles

Amos also led the British attack against Robert Mugabe & Zimbabwe

7 responses to “Baroness Valerie Amos opposes reparations for African descendants of slavery #guyana”

  1. […] the valerie amos discovery, i’ve done some more research and there are some real negroe despicables running about […]

  2. Just because it was legal in Britain that does not mean it was legal in international terms. A war of aggression could be legal in a country but it is not internationally.

    1. try telling that to the good ole baroness

      1. She is not an Island girl she is from Guyana in South America

  3. […] in the press of April 21st (Kaieteur News), that The Guyanese community in New York has invited Baroness Amos to be a guest of honour of The New York celebrations. The Baroness and I are both born of parents […]

  4. Laurie Talbot Avatar
    Laurie Talbot

    What a quintessential jackass Valerie Amos is. How can we even attempt to legitimize the criminality of slavery because the British predators, mass murderers, land grabbers, nation robbers and homicidal landlords decided that slavery was legal. Should we then accept that murdering over 500 million black people is legitimate because the British Parliament made slavery legal? Should we also accept that our fore parents and predecessors who built the British Empire for free under merciless brutality was legitimate because the homicidal Landlords of the British empire said so. Should we also accept that labor without reward was okay and the great disadvantages it created for the British empire was acceptable because the British parliament said it was okay? How can the persecutors of human tragedies even be allowed to dictate their own actions and privileges and notarize their legality is beyond me. What Valerie Amos should have done and should be doing is attacking the so called laws that legitimized some of the most tragic events and atrocities against black people by analyzing why they were even allowed to be legal in the first place. I strongly recommend that the Guyana Government denounce Valerie Amos and rescind her nationality because she certainly isn’t worthy to be called a Guyanese any longer. Or maybe when you become Baroness you get to air your asinine propensities publicly without fear of rebuke or challenges? God forbid.

  5. […] thinking and failure to understand reality has allowed friends of apnu afc to invite one of the most radical opponents of reparations to sit at the jubilee head table in new […]

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