molly hassan still enjoying life as a parasite in guyana

‘memba molly?
two months ago it was breaking news all over the place that molly resigned her post as ceo after her perks and fake academic qualifications became public. demerara waves, guyana chronic, stabroek newskaieteur news

Basic Salary: $707,347
Duty Allowance $25,000
Entertainment Allowance $25,000
Security Allowance $30,000
Housing Allowance $50,000
Landline Telephone fully paid, on average $5,000
Cell phone bill fully paid average $25,000
DSL Services for her home $9,980.
Fridge allowance for the office $10,000.
Tea Items for herself average $5,000
Vehicle and a Driver.
Gratuity every six months 22.5%

well hell is low cause i was catching up on the news and saw prime minister moses nagamootoo cutting a ribbon the other day and to his immediate right is a lady that has an eerie resemblance to molly
well if she resigned sign me up
see fuh yself

others might say
PM nagamootoo sleeping with the enemy
is it time?

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