guyana has a new king, jus call him banty


I’ve always considered these criminal parasites as fools
you don’t need no special qualities to reach that conclusion
they ran a whole country into the muck while denying the existence of muck
with power you could baffle / intimidate people with your faux brilliance
But when the light goes out as it did may 11
is candle time again
woe be unto he right Shakespeare Charlie?

Charles ramson and his cohorts are obligate parasites
their entire existence rested on plundering the treasury
watch them flounder into obscurity and suicide
It wasn’t so long ago king panty Banty promised to sue me
he lil busy now

many moons ago Hindustan Supremist Ravi dev and his organization ROAR used to be badding up about something
in a reply that’s can only be called classic, a man said, Ravi your roar is nothing but a pussy’s purr

Ramson Jr, irfaan Ali and the rest are our new lion kings
Hail dem as they purr

when sorrows come dear banty

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