the house negroes of guyana classified

jan 9 2017
originally written when the straight haired negroes of the ppp were occupying govt buildings. with change of govt an update is in order soon but many negroes have remained true to their calling

the guyana govt is blessed to have at its disposal a plethora of house negroes.

spineless contortionists extraordinaire.
their utility is negligible at best but the slave traders and merchants are ever vigilant and on the lookout for new slaves. take them as they come.
for foto ops, international reports and insecurity these house negroes are needed in and around freedumb house. all in furthering the lost cause of six races united as one people one nation one destiny.

operation i got you babe

some of them are babes and others babes in suckling.
but it’s low calibre babes in suckling curly hair negroes [CHNs] who give the ppp a false sense of self.
they serve as a buffer between the house and the field. a shock absorbing device/apparatus but more often than not an intermediate and intervening tool.
CHN’s primary role is to keep interactions below danger level and when not possible, to eliminate interactions altogether. they are sometimes incorrectly referred to as Afros. [name of a people denote place of origin. japanese, japan. swedes, sweden. negroe, a state of mind/being]
for purposes of contraction some researchers often refer to this specie as curlies.

yes! it is the terrorised straight hair negroes [mis identified as east indians] and amerindians who give the ppp numerical supremacy at the polls. aka mass games

CHN + SHN (Amerindians) – Everybody else + a few others here & there = is we time now

let’s examine a few species of the negroes i’ve observed in Guyana and these are by no means finite and/or exclusive classfications

gotta have mine negroes
easily recognised by his urgent desire to have things. clothes, phone cards, taxi money, back stage passes and vip tickets to jamzone and other such distractions.
this type usually inhabits the lower end of the slop trough.
he answers phones, opens car doors, buy groceries, liquor, condoms, tampons etc. a typical errand boy/girl.
gotta have mine negroe sole quest is to get in and get off. to be accepted and acknowledged.
he knows no bounds and there is nothing he won’t do to get in. nothing.
at the upper end of the negroe spectrum is the salad dressing negroe some of whom got their inglorious start as gotta have mine negroes. so you’ll see salad dressing negroes and gotta have mine negroes displaying similar deficiencies.

carry news/talk name/deh bout negroes
known for carrying news and talking name. will report all and everything that you do to his handlers in order to curry favours he rarely gets.
carry news/talk name/deh bout negroes sometimes get promoted to gotta have mine negroe rank.
this negroe knows everything there is to know about anything and nothing can stop him from coming up with something to report.
need to find the man who steal your sister purse at ruimveldt fish market last week tuesday? call carry news/talk name/deh bout negroe. he know who to call. or so he will tell you
carry news/talk name is part and parcel of his bag of tricks but his forte is his infinite ability to deh bout. he attends weddings, children birthday parties, graduations, church and anything that will keep him close and in touch with his friend. the object of his fascination and desires.
not to be confused with i ain deh wid dem people negroes.

oh dat is no prablem i deh rite outside you office right now. ah gon call dis man hey then ah gon come in an we gon talk

thug/enforcer negroe
typically found in the police, army and insecurity farces but not exclusive.
thug enforcer negroes frequently step away from the cocaine underworld, robberies, kidnapping, extortion and shakedown sectors to do national service @plantation ppp.
TENs might say beat up a journalist or critic of his master or even worst. or even worst
this type of negroe is not the most dangerous [salad dressing ‘cause of his international sex appeal] but definitely TENs are the scariest as he operates on autopilot and does exactly as he is told.
kill, loot, burn, destroy, threaten and beat up.
he only asks questions to clarify his duties.

wuh de person look like? wuh you waan me do to he? when? anything else? good. i gon tek care uh he

on rare occasions thug enforcer negroes morphs into gotta have mine negroes, undergoes mandatory re-education, training and is reintroduced as the newest member of the salad dressing specie.

as mentioned before this is a rare occurrance. thug/enforcer negroes generally go the way of liquidation by new up and coming thug/enforcer negroes. the johnny come latelies aka the new johnnies
there is anabsolute enforcable limit of thug/enforcer negroes allowed. unknown to the TENs.

new johnnie, here’s old johnnie
leh meh see wuh he look like? wuh you waan me do to he? when? anything else? good. i gon tek care uh he

shuffling, dancing & entertaining negroes
as the title suggests.
anything for a shilling and a smile

i don’t want no trouble negroes
 sees no evil
hears no evil
knows no evil

look! i ain waan no prablems wid dese people. leff me alone. leff me outta dem tings you talkin deh.

sex toy negroes

juan edghill has been elevated to salad

juan edghill has been elevated to salad

sole purpose and utility to fulfill the sexual desires and fantasies of others.
sex toy negroes are always waiting for the phone to ring and getting for the next appointment and location. rewards come in the form of gifts, bikes, cars, plane tickets or low level jobs. junior finance minister in the ministry of finance
sex toy negroes always have a bulging and overflowing wardrove of clothes
occasionally sex toy negroes feeling a sense of self importance uses her position and contacts to exploit others. since his realm is sex all else follows.
sex toy negroes are rapists, child predators and molestors. being a keeper of many secrets some sex toy negroes have gone on to become salad dressing negroes but whatever becomes of the vast majority of STN’s remains a grand mystery.

salad dressing negroes
salad dressing negroe are parliamentarians, sits on state boards, is made ceo of front groups, organisations and companies. salad dressing negroes sometimes get official sounding titles they did not earn. revrend, pastor, bishop etc
SDN race from one function or event to the next in a losing attempt to reinforce the lie of a happy diversified plantation.
things have never been this good is the song SDN hum, sing, scream and whisper.
things have never been this good.
his constant lament. his constant cry

SDN is the most dangerous of all the negroes. not cause she will kill or have you kill. SDNs will occasionally engage the revolters trying to convince dem that this man and his machine are all right. he’s good. he means well. SDNs are dangerous because of what they present, represent and misrepresent.
salad dressing negroes get a lot of face time internationally

see look we even found one to be ambassador poodle and there’s deputy ambassador mutton

it’s a requirement that all SDN sit up front at functions with the proverbial smile looking full of wisdom, love, understanding and what have you. trying hard to disguise the what am i doing here smirk that occasionally bubbles to the surface
SDN’s are featured prominently in news reports and articles on the most obscure of topics. say the impact, influence and cultural ramificatins of afro cuban jazz on the Uyghur diaspora in Krygyzstan
things have never been this good!

i ain deh wid dem people negroes aka am really not with those people negroes
IADWDP/ARNWTP negroes are probably the most curious of the lot.
typically an i ain deh wid dem people negroes is a swinger. from fence sitter to casual observer. if you hear them tell it that is. words strung together haltingly and used a-plenty to hide the chasm below that will soon lay waste to his structure
there’s nothing below that shell

i just waan get along wid dese people
i gotta get wuh i gotta get.
everybody gettin up why i must stay suh?

long pause and then back to

ah tellin yuh! i ain deh wid dem people. me ain deh suh buddaay. me ain deh suh

 continuity is briefly interrupted.
crack fissure rupture emptiness

she could easily be mistaken for a gotta have mine negroe with qualifications but IADWDP negroes are comedians.
if you say to one i see you last night at that thing. like you in the party now or wuh?
 you’d get something like noo. noooo. you ain andastan i tryin fuh get some contracts so i jus does show show me face so they think i like dem
 or if you catch him ducking out of a hole only negroes of his ilk duck out of
banna you ain andastan dese people really believe i like dem. but me ain deh suh yuh know. is jus get thru i waan get thru
IADWDP is ripe for sexploitation and more often than recorded falls from grace into the dark realm of the sex toy negroe

a true blood sex toy negroe is a keeper of many secrets as a result s/he has some measure of ladder mobility.
an IADWDP negroe who fall into the sex toy abyss is a wingless phoenix. never to rise again
and beneath those ashes the embers still burn

they wander from engagements dazed and confused. used, abused and promised. sometimes passed along like along and around
tek a taste

then fresh meat comes to market.
no one remembers his number, no one takes her calls. no different from a blot on the wall. no one notices when he enters the room.
he wanders
he drifts
she floats, he cries, she dies
spiritual death now. and it’s off to the ranks of the walking dead.

i used to deh wid dem people negroes
as the name suggests.
reasons vary for becoming an IADWDP negroe:

  1. speaking and/or speaking out of turn. i.e not knowing his/her place. i hear suh to. he like dem ting duh baaad
  2. refusing or tekkin too long to pay and other related money matters
  3. seen talking to the wrong people. i.e field negroes
  4. got a lil too fresh with somebody child or relative. woman or boy
  5. becomes suspicious and suspect for reasons unknown
  6. time and utility was up and his friends got tired of his ass
  7. the person who sponsored them got transferred, fired or finish using them. somewhat related: papers mommy put in finally come through or cousin come back from america and trick the embassy.

i now pronounce you man and wife

i used to deh wid dem people. out to sea and adrift. no place to call home

militant turncoat negroes
as the name implies
this negroe was once a fierce enemy of massa and crew. out front confronting the enemy on all sides.
no evil deed went unchallenged.

militant turncoat negroes were always ready for war against whoever. whatever. whereever.
at least on the surface.
or so it seems

reasons for militant turncoat negroes turning in camouflage fatigues for an ill-fitting suit and a top hat varies but the most important one to be remembered
83% of militant turncoat negroes test positive for the gotta have mine virus
with one eye always firmly glued on the ill gotten loot of the masters militant turncoat negroe constantly asks himself why not me? why not me lord?
once militant turncoat negroes turns, he’s an instantaneous true believer. shedding his skin and transitioning like a snake in moult. in reality MTN was never really at war with the system he was just warring to get in on the action.

MTN is a close associate of TEN in total dedication to the cause. he’s both loved and feared and as such his upward mobility is curtailed by showering him with gifts.
as a result MTN has an extensive array of business interests and possessions. MTNs are always kept close to the seat of power cause as the wind blows the mills turn.
militant turncoat negroe is a notorious abuser of women and moonlights as a pimp. a profession he knows a thing or two about as it’s responsible for him being where he is today

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