guyana people stop buying these blond hair blue dolls for your children @malavilledolls

am going to make this short
was travelling in a car the other day with a friend and her daughters in the backseat.
one in car seat and the other girl playing in the backseat
i don’t know them long, bout a month, but the girl gravitated to me from the first time we met
forget the race these are dark skinned people let’s just put it and leave it like that
the other day now i notice the child was playing with a blond hair blue eye barbie
i was disturbed by the fact that the girl had this doll to begin with but what killed me is how she clutched on to it dearly and was staring at it lovingly
she eventually fell asleep with it in her hand Continue reading

white power lives on in Guyana

couple days ago i went into a place and took a seat
pass three waitress along the way and take a seat
black professional looking chap sitting there and gets served eats and leaves
i am sitting 5 feet away from him
time passes
white man comes in and takes a seat
instant menu and service
time passes Continue reading