Names of Haitian Nationals currently illegally detained by the Guyana government

Limat Naomi Cherubin
Jeannot Simeon
Guirand Dafeline
(Blondina Julien 11, Sandine Jerome 10)
Denise Clement Continue reading

Guyana govt have Haitian migrants under armed police guard

tonight i witnessed a most horrific spectacle
i’ve been trying for a while now to meet the haitian migrants detained by the guyana govt
what most people dont know is that while being a member of caricom haitians need visas to enter EVERY caricom territory
i was fortunate to get to the gate of the night shelter where the govt is holding i think 10 haitian nationals
they’ve already made plans to deport 14-20 women and children tomor
the security guard was hostile as soon as we entered Continue reading