women will make you tell the truth while they lying

god is a woman
let me just get that out the way 😉

i caught the tail end of an interrogation one time
the woman was in the process of having the victim repeat his guilt before signing away his life
but outta the blue she was like
you love me?
and the victim immediately responded, you and yuh sistuh Continue reading

today in guyana – me ain know guana is a girl

been a while since i been to a guyana lying competition but is one of we national past times
we could liiiie
well i ain gah tell you dat. you know it a’ready
some chaps eating and sharing tales on merriman’s mall today
tall tales

yuh see dis man hey? i eva tell yall bout de time me an he gone by a big man house?
no? i ain tell yall duh one. oh rass yall ain kno dis man is a champion sprinter?
well i de mashin de big man wife an’ i cry dis one hey as meh body guard and i deh in deh doin meh ting
bang bang bang
yuh kno me a’ready i doan play. mmm mmmmm Continue reading