Minister Cathy Hughes sitting on her hands – Jinnah Rahman #guyana

Even, after the President Granger appointed a SPECIAL Minister to sort out our main telecommunications and internet systems – citizens have not felt that dramatic shift that is necessary in the interest of customers and the economic development of Guyana – as whole.
GT&T has held the MONOPOLY of this country’s telecommunication system since 1990 – when the PNC government under Desmond Hoyte sold our assets to foreign companies, in an effort to salvage the economy after the death of Forbes Burnham.
Minister Cathy Hughes, an AFC executive member, has done very little to revolutionise the telecommunications system in Guyana – bringing it into the 21st, century. All we see – is her pretty face and lots of hot air, making us all look like fools. GT&T has carried her in “circles”. One has to ask : “how involved she may be in trying to deal with that company’s control of our communication system”? Continue reading


Nigel Hughes would not be fit to become President of Guyana – what is it that GRANGER is not doing that Hughes will do for the people of Guyana? He showed no sign that he is capable of holding such an office – as some commentators have suggested.

I suggested his best place n Guyana is to be the President of the Guyana Bar Association – which needs a HUGE stimulus to make it function in a modern society.
Surprisingly, Nigel played no role in making that LEGAL FRATERNITY work – even as an entity working in the interest of JUSTICE and FAIRNESS. That is the place he should operate – to make that body a voice of DEMOCRACY and FREEDOM. He must prove that he is capable of challenging the STATUS QUO. Continue reading