dr Patrice Douglas the new face on govt sponsored HPV vaccinations #guyana

a young female negro docteur is the new voice for guardasil & HPV magique in Guyana
read it am not quoting too much
everything else they’ve tried so far ain getting the numbers they wanted so they trying a new route
docteur douglas may have been one of the women on that adventist tv program i caught last week
their main defence of hpv was DONT BE SCARED! 🙂

“I truly love this [HPV] vaccine…from doing multiple outreaches and in getting into conversation with others, I have realised that the [entire] Guyanese population don’t know that there is a vaccine that can prevent cervical cancer…I was quite appalled by that, therefore I decided, with my other colleagues, that I would do an HPV awareness campaign,” Dr. Douglas said.

education is good
but the most dangerous fuckers on this planet are ones with education