identidad : somos negros de la costa :: oaxaca mexico

am going to write more on mexico and more particularly oaxaca
back in 2006 i was in oaxaca for something we wont discuss right now 🙂 and was quite pleased at the reception i received
a family even put me up in their house to live
the skin colouration of this part of mexico was quite dark and different that the other ‘mexico’ but i was there for other matters and didnt take time to explore the coastal region
at the time i had no idea that an afro mexican community was a few clicks down the road towards the pacific

food – centro, mexico city

food zocalo mexico city 143

food zocalo mexico city 143

anyone who tells you street food is bad for you is recklessly endangering your life. listen to them and perish

can’t remember what they called this thing. but take one each lunch time. you’ll feel good about yourself

i found a lady selling this outside the fence on the right side of the cathedral [if you facing bldg]