White Seattle Police officer & a Black woman

two days back we were going to seattle centre to celebrate a friends birthday outdoors
as we got out the vehicle a Black woman was laying in the street on her back looking up at a white cop
she had a phone in her hand, looks as if she was trying to call someone
looks like all her posessions were in some bags off to her side
she was in distress
as i got within earshot i was quite startled by what i heard
the cop was consoling her and calmly talking to her
she looked homeless and was rambling incoherently from one thing to the next
no guns. no knee to the neck. no choke hold. no taser. just care, concern and basic human decency
she tried to start a conversation with us by saying “these are my people”
the cop response was something like, dont bother them, i will take care of you
some other cops came. they were calm and attentive
then came an ambulance
these were all white people from what i could see. cause i felt comfortable enough to not stop or take photos of the incident and was observing from a distance at the birthday celebration
took like an eternity but they got her off the road and into the ambulance it looked like without violence and all her posessions

this caught my attention simply cause, this is far from the norm for people like her when we come into contact with people looking like that cop

whoever those cops were i hope they infect their other colleagues with the same human decency they displayed to that woman. cause god knows, a lot of cops have no idea what it is to be human
at least not when it comes to certain people

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