Berbice Bridge on edge of bankruptcy. Govt rejects fare increases

dat negroe bharrat jagdeo is hailed as some economic wizard by his cool aid drinker fans
well he did get a free degree in russia in ecunomics and as recent events are unfolding, he fancies himself as the local vlad putin
only because Guyana is a cesspool of incompetence and low standards a negroe like bharrat jagdeo can stick his head out the muck pile and utter nonsense
i’ll just list some of his ecunomic projects on the express to nowhere and let time and history be the judge

  1. skeldon estate – 250 million US plus of scrap iron down the drain
  2. marriott hotel – 60+ million of concrete catching sea breeze on the atlantic foreshore
  3. amaila falls – the 1 billion hydro project that never was
  4. princess hotel & buddy’s – scam on top of scams
  5. the cricket stadium – supposedly 25 million us worth of rubbish
  6. clico billion dollar head quarters. current home of GRA. leaking daily and falling apart
  7. the 34 million US investment in clico no one can find

shall we go on? i dont think so. we dont have time nor space

back to berbice bridge. jagdeo and his wild band of negroes were so off on their projections vis a vis bridge traffic its quite shocking. take into consideration bridge traffic has not increased 1 percent in traffic ANY YEAR since it’s existence! and this is not me talking this is the words of the most senior engineer of the company Bert Carter.

here’s some berbice bridge propaghandi the month it was opened by the ecunomist. deccember, 2008

It will operate under a toll basis that officials said should generate sufficient revenue to cover all of its operating and maintenance costs while providing a return investment to its shareholders.
Read more:

fast back forward and the descendants of cheddar has left another noose round the necks of guyanese

run tell dat

point to interest

  • berbice is the PPP stronghold
  • under PPP rule berbice had the highest suicide rate in Guyana and the world
  • under PPP rule berbice had some of the highest rates of blackouts and other backwardness
  • under PPP rule berbice had the highest out migration and back tracking
  • we wont go into health, education & infrastructure etc

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