Ongoing racial invective against Haitians in Guyana by the PPP

The constant invective and coded messages against Haitians by PPP
members of Parliament is a cause of concern.
It’s shocking that a former President and sitting members of the
National Assembly could be so driven by racial hysteria and political
Haiti is a full member of CARICOM! Maybe the Speaker of the National
Assembly should convene a class for Parliamentarians on CARICOM free

The arrival of Africans into Guyana and the western hemisphere is well
documented. So too is the long history of African struggles against
slavery, colonialism, racism and other evils. The ongoing assault by
members of the opposition on Africans shows that the struggle
Guyana just hosted an International Decade of People of African Descent Summit.
“In proclaiming this Decade, the international community is
recognizing that people of African descent represent a distinct group
whose human rights must be promoted and protected.”

The APNU AFC government and CARICOM must take immediate action to halt
all violations of the rights of Haitians in Guyana.
While members of the opposition are entitled to their opinions, warped
as they might be, Haitians as citizens of CARICOM have rights, and
those rights must be protected. As we expect other countries to
protect the rights of Guyanese.
humble regards,
Mark Jacobs

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