dear rain don’t muck up de guyana carnivale

Dear rain: how dare you? How Effin dare you to be falling dis hard pon de day uh de inaugural carnivale?

Guyana people will really hate you if you muck dis one up. An I mean hate hate you. Cause is you same one dat muck up de mashramani wine down an now yuh shapin up fuh wash out de stink an dutty carnivale too!?

Noooo! Yuh too blasted cruel rain yuh too cruel.

People come from all about fuh dis fete. A man tell me it raining in guyana more than England. Imagine that. He husslin back fuh ketch London sunshine

I ain suh mind the foreigners but a lotta locals need these events fuh drunk up an get on bad. Let off lil steam. Forget the hardships of change. Free they mind and escape for a moment from de gideon

While you pissin dem off though, I must confess meh plants looking goooood πŸ’ƒπŸΎπŸ‘πŸΏ

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