3 decades after Forbes Burnham gone guyana manufacturers assoc goal 20% local food market!

Forbes Burnham said produce or perish and he tried with the hard headed in Guyana. He sure did

Burnham had many enemies within his own party and support base, but the major insurgency & sabotage campaign was led by cheddar jagan and his ppp acolytes.

some of these same acolytes now have total control of every sector of the guyana economy. above and below ground

We’re talking of low level jokers whose chief contribution to guyana has been to buy cheap junk overseas, evade taxes, rob the sheeple and loot the treasury.

these newly minted touchable have a large appetite for cocaine, guns and the like. self made

newly minted self made touchables command insurgent groups like the private sector cocaine (PSC), guyana manufacturing & service association (GMSA) and others.

After many decades of slow poisoning Guyanese with imported junk, GMSA is riding the agro processing bandwagon to stardom.

The problem is, these cocaine cowboys are like the Tasmanian native hen, without ability to fly. Flightless.

If you looking to them to take to the skies, you wasting time. They never will. sign up for the return of jesus.

Case in point. 33 years after the death of Forbes Burnham the GMSA has a big goal in mind, 20% of the local food market!

Totally unrelated.

Flightless birds generally go extinct, but the Tasmanian hen is protected by national legislation. They feed mostly at night on grass shoots and depends on other animals to keep the grass low do they could eat.

Sounds familiar?

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