wuh dey doin to yuh ain nice a’tall

ran into my loyal humble favorite crack head friend the other day in harmony village

he picked up where he left off the last time and scolded me for not visiting him

He paused and went silent jus watching me then he pick up again

Ah payin attention yuh kno ah payin attention…wuh dey doin to yuh ain nice a’tall. IT AIN NICE A’TALL!

2 responses to “wuh dey doin to yuh ain nice a’tall”

  1. Oh my! Was he suggesting you are going downhill? (and you have crack heads in Guyana, too?)

    1. no 😉 talking about how certain big ones have treated me haha
      and yes, we do have crack smokers in Guyana. the source of cocaine is right down the road

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