Reason #21356 Guyana needs military law – medical waste dumped on carmichael street

i have no illusions or delusions that democracy, whatever that means, should be practiced or encouraged in Guyana
am sure there are one or two dissenting voices out there
Guyana is a lawless place thanks to the PPP negroes who ran the state aground
no law or law enforcement as presently exists in this land can bring it back to order
what is needed is military law and order. Singapore is a starting point
you can do anything you want, just know there will be consequences and repercussions and you will not be allowed to disrupt the national program

lawless persons should not be asked or cajoled into confirmation, especially adults
if you cant follow basic rules you must be beaten into submission
for the fickle minded, we’re not talking torture. a lawless citizen can be beaten into submission in many forms
i challenge any guyana social scientist to describe the program that will bring this society back to order short of military styled rule
and for those clowns who think we are currently under military rule cause a few old men in govt once served in the army, ease of the hallucinogenics

i wont go on to define what is or isn’t democracy as we are a fanciful people
whatever you take it to mean, embrace it

that was off on a ramble

am walking down carmichael street this morning and at the corner of middle a bag of medical waste was on the ground and the bin overflowing with medical waste
gloves, piles bloody gauze and the rest
a super amateur sleuth could have traced that back to the medical practitioner

it’s 2018. am i to believe that a medical establishment does not know and understand that medical waste should not be dumped on the streets?
arrest, fines and license suspensions would quickly beat these idiots into submission and out of business.

if you’re dumping medical waste in the streets you shouldn’t be in business anyhow

2 responses to “Reason #21356 Guyana needs military law – medical waste dumped on carmichael street”

  1. Oh my Lord! I thought Jamaica was bad enough with garbage on the street, but medical waste…?

    1. i’ve never seen this before but just one time is enough to drive you into overdrive

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