AFC leadership are imperialist, turncoat stooges – Jinnah Rahman on Exxon et al

Jinnah is not known to mince words


The hiring of a bourgeois professor of Economics from an Old Colonial university, Collier, to tell us about how to run our newly-found industry is nothing more than an “eye pass” and a condescending attitude towards the generation of ex-slaves and indentured labourers.

This ruling class professor is a defender of the rotten imperialist system that was responsible for the enslavement of hundreds of millions of our people in Guyana and all around the world. Professor Walter Rodney in his book, HOW EUROPE UNDERDEVELOPED AFRICA and Dr. Eric Williams classic on slavery – “CAPITALISM AND SLAVERY” – graphically described the BRUTALITY and SAVAGE exploitation of our human and natural resources.

It is an absolute disgrace to hear that this man was invited to our country by Raphael Trotman, the leader of the ALLIANCE FOR CHANGE (AFC), a senior of the David Granger cabinet. The purpose of bringing Collier to Guyana was to do a PR COVER-UP job for Trotman and others, who are GUILTY of selling off – what must be considered as the GREATEST SELLING OFF OF OUR WEALTH to foreign powers.

What is very excruciating is that the Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo, has said NOTHING about this brutal rape of our country – a NEO COLONIAL – super exploitation of our natural and human resources by the United States of America, backed up by the British, once again.

The Prime Minister, it is understood, is recovering from his surgical operation, but found time to write in his “MY TURN” column, about one of the main leaders of the Peoples Progressive Party, Dr. Cheddie Jagan, marking his 100th. birth anniversary.

Mr. Nagamootoo catalogued the long and tireless STRUGGLES of Dr. Jagan against US and World imperialism. Jagan’s book, WEST ON TRIAL, is a detailed account of the fight against British and US imperialism and their deliberate efforts to disallow the JAGAN PPP from gain political power.

We are yet to read and hear from Mr. Nagamootoo about the super-exploitation of our economy by those same foreign powers that kept Dr. Jagan and the PPP out of power for more than 28 years.

The Prime Minister will go down in history as the worst “turn -coat” in the history of our country, if he refuses to break SILENCE ON this NEO-COLONIAL imposition. It will further go down as an ABSOLUTE BETRAYAL of the LEGACY of former President Cheddie Jagan and all those Guyanese who fought side by side with him.

The Guyanese people are taking note of all those who are defending this SELL OFF of our country – including elements from the PPP – those opportunists, like Robert Persaud – who is in bed with the oil giant, Exxon Mobil, and their agent, Muneshwar and company.

The OPEN attack on the Modular Oil Refinery by the British Professor, is another form of DISRESPECT for the Guyanese nation. No one in his/her right senses will agree with the BALDERDASH pelled this paid stooge of Exxon Mobil. We live in an age where the petroleum industry is so technologically developed that Guyana can refine its oil and numerous end products that could employ all of people – directly and indirectly.

The truth is – these so-called experts want us to remain poor. The consequence of our poverty means that we will continue to be beggars, running to the USA and Europe, living as third class residents. This professor and our LOCAL STOOGES must know that Guyanese will not allow our resources to be exploited by foreign forces, with impunity.

The capitalist professor – Collier – must know that the next government in the United Kingdom will be a progressive Labour Government, a friend of the Guyanese people. We will get all the technical support and expertise that we need to develop our energy industries, which will move Guyana from a low level economy to a top rated country in the world.



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