Ex-president of Marielle Franco’s PSOL party believes Rio’s 41st Military Police Battalion, one of the state’s deadliest, are main suspects in councilwoman’s murder

Black Brazil Today

morte de marielle Act in the plenary of the Federal Chamber in repudiation of the murder of councilor Marielle Franco of the PSOL-RJ

Note from BW of Brazil: There shouldn’t be any surprise here. Of course, we still don’t have any certainty of the killers who took the life of Rio councilwoman Marielle Franco last Wednesday, but again, when we consider Franco’s tweets about the violent tactics of the Military Police in Rio’s favelas, it would be foolish not to see these same forces as prime suspects for her murder. In this fact,we have a motive, we also know that the bullets that took Franco’s life were those of the Military Police. We’ve seen the occupation-like presence of the Military Police and now Brazilian army in these low-income neighborhoods. But perhaps these facts aren’t convincing enough. But do consider how you would feel if you were to hear…

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