Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo missing in action

I am not sure what is the job of the guyana prime minister besides barn storming into parliament to joust with his former devil friends of the ppp. He does nothing I can clearly identify that is of national benefit.

I could be wrong and reading the wrong tea leaves.

I know for sure he doubles as the minister of frequency management & the guyana chronicle. His acolytes settling scores.

Safe travels david Hinds & Lincoln lewis.

Long gone are the days when he de moses was shouting jail dem and seize that. Pay raise, shine rides, new clothes. Moses probably shouting could you please pass the caviar more than anything else these days.

Good life.


Moses Nagamootoo done joke out he self long now but that’s neither here there nor for me to discuss.

State secrets!

Nagamootoo health is something we not hearing about. We don’t need the gore and the details but oh the silence.

So your prime minister like the others have to go to the white man country for medical treatment while the natives die giving birth. Two years after the big joob!

Jennifer Gill.

The govt has a one seat majority in parliament so with the prime minister missing, we level.

One bag uh money in the right hands & a negroe will come down wid diarrhea come roll call & throw parliament back to the descendants of cheddar.

Run away train to nowhere country.

Parliament will resume when the prime minister returns from his indefinite sick leave.

To the future in reverse, first oil here we come.

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