Dominic Gaskin thinks that he is talking to Nursery school kids. The fact of the matter is, the AFC LEADERSHIP has made a mess of the Oil and Gas industry, through their leader, Raphael Trotman, and no amount of white-wash will cover up the colossal MISTAKE that were made. Only a radical government, which would not include him and his indolent colleagues in AFC, can change this SELL OUT of our patrimony.

There were other options on the table, as he has spelt out in his speech regarding “how we deal with others who want “a piece of the action” – his words. The rest of the nation is convinced that the AFC MINISTERS have SOLD OUT, big time.

The arguments have been made by Dr. Mangal, the President’s hired expert. He said publicly that the deal was unsatisfactory at an open University of Guyana forum. The next day, a statement can out from government stating that Dr. Mangal was not speaking on behalf of the PRESIDENT.

Further, the President has recently said that the CONTRACTS will not be renegotiated. It is a “done deal”. Our country has been ruled and plundered by the White Man, the colonial masters for centuries, and they continue to want us to remain poor and foolish, whilst they advance.

It was the current US President, Donald Trump, who call us ” shithole” countries, despite the fact that it is the USA, through Exxon Mobil, that is super exploiting our oil and gas for their own advancement.

It was the USA that backed all the past governments of VENEZUELA to prevent the harvesting of our natural resources, by laying a false claim to our territory, which is more than half of Guyana.

Mr. Gaskin forgets our history or is plainly being a bully, trying to hoodwink us.

Gaskin, who is also the Treasurer of the AFC, owed borrowers millions of dollars prior to the last general elections and have been scrambling all over the place to repay them. One has to wonder, if a deal is not being made somewhere to repay the debtors. He must come clean or else the suspection hanging in the air will not go away.

The AFC will not survive the onslaught at the upcoming local and MUNICIPAL elections, due to their non-performance. It is the result of their own making and no one else. They have failed to deliver the services required by the citizens in every Ministry that they serve. In his own Ministry, BUSINESS, what has he done to create jobs and businesses? Nothing of consequence.

He, Gaskin, continues to defend Agri-minister, Noel Holder, at all the AFC executive meetings and other fora, in the face of serious criticisms from Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo, and others. He must answer to these charges, and do not behave, as if he “knows it all”.

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