Eugenics in Brazil: In the early 20th century, elites believed racial improvement was only possible with a project favoring predominance of the white race

Black Brazil Today


Note from BW of Brazil: You know, the further you look into Brazil’s past the more you come to realize that the country’s leaders were every bit as committed to ideals of white supremacy as any other country.In some ways, their tactics of assuring the victory of the white race were a bit different but in other ways they were on par with other intellectual beliefs of the era.Brazil’s desire to maintain black people in a position of inferiority used several mechanisms designed to make their lives a living hell until they eventually just disappeared.There were three and half decades of slavery. The replacing of slave labor with millions of foreign immigrants. The denial of an education. Vagrancy laws that were meant to imprison black people who were in the streets because of the job discrimination that was created by the same system. The slow…

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