Imran Khan versus Indian High Commissioner to Guyana Mahalingam Venkatachalam

social cohesion 101
Imran Khan lets Indian High Commissioner to Guyana, Mahalingam Venkatachalam know what’s up vis a vis the Person of Indian Origin swaree taking place in nuclear india
waiting patiently to see how this one ends cause straight haired negroes very sensitive about ANY form of criticism
including the current prime minister of guyana (no names)
and the big climb down

as an aside
what was imran;’s position when his running buddy prime minister moses nagamootoo was hamming it up with this same person of india origin crowd in guadeloupe?
this news item was covered by the news outlet headed by imran khan
you dont have to answer 😉

for the record
i do have a slight problem with the straight haired negroe parliamentarians
unable to solve the problem of guyana
running to mother india to plot and scheme in secrecy with the global straight haired negroe mafiosis
but it is deep within them silly negroes
they cant help themselves
run tell dat

GEORGETOWN, Friday, May 19, 2017 – Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo, today, departed for Guadeloupe to attend PIO Fest, an international festival to mark the 100th year since the abolition of Indian indentureship.

One response to “Imran Khan versus Indian High Commissioner to Guyana Mahalingam Venkatachalam”

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