Calling all fashionable Kenyan virgins

CutizensGo is waging a counterinsurgency campaign against sex Education in Kenya. To hear them tell it, virginity is still fashionable!
And who can argue with that?
Born again virgins I suppose 🙂

then there is the old argument of what is and isn’t African!

“Children from the age of five years will be taught about masturbation, the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) movement and community, contraceptives and abortion. This is Africa, it is not acceptable,” said Ms Kioko.

She further explained that the approach taken to teaching the new curriculum would take away the parents’ authority in children’s lives and give a bigger role to their teachers instead.

She suggested that stakeholders come together to find a more local and responsible approach to the subject.

“We should teach them about abstinence. The curriculum should say that virginity is still fashionable,” said Ms Kioko.

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