my president’s college people saving me from myself daily ;-)

y’all know how easy it is to get ketch when yuh think yuh hiding in Guyana
i jus remember this one and had to share
cause it still cracking me up
a very late night i been doing what could be categorised as the lords work
in and around georgetown
so after the last amen and aleleujah
was time to go home and ketch meh bed
as faith would have it the last obstacle was the red traffic light
i waiting patiently for it to change so nobody i know see farmer boy out late
final jeopardy song playing and everything
out of the blue and loud i hear
i was so startled i almost jump out de car and run
well i know it had to be me the person talking to cause i was the only other vehicle at the light
i ain gon call no name
but i looked over only to see a president’s college classmate waving her finger at me 🙂
i speed off straight home an ketch meh bed

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