simple illustration of how crazy IS Guyana HPV campaign

quick illustration of how batshiz crazy Guyanese have become
exhibit a-z the current HPV campaign
i used to be on the board of a state agency
used to be πŸ˜‚
now that agency decided to put in some street lights and power lines
after the entries were narrowed down to couple overseas companies 2 senior persons in the agency visited those companies to inspect and observe their manufacturing facilities
am talking about light bulbs!
to put on a street

meanwhile in guyana two successive governments want vaccinate every preteen boy and girl
but it gets better
with a vaccine none of the vaccine promoters knows nothing about
that was never tested, manufactured or analysed here
i done

to summarise
more due dilligence is done selecting street lights in guyana than is done for a vaccine that will be administered to 36,000 girls!
you see why you motherfuckers crazy?
but dont you worry
you got 3 billion barrels of black gold under the ocean floor
you will be just fine

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