What manner of scuntry is this Guyana?

yesterday the demerara harbour bridge was closed to vehicular traffic for 7 hours
they’re presumably doing “maintenance”
there have been many all day closures in the past two years
added to that hundreds of other closures for “maintenance” and daily openings
what exactly are they maintaining and why does it take all this inconvenience when a full staff is on duty everyday
what have they been doing while “at work”?

depends on where you are in guyana if you have blackout you probably also dont have water
guyana water inc doesnt have generators at many locations so when gpl malfunctions you have no running water
sheer brilliance!

i’ve barely recovered from yesterday bridge closure and was pleased to see one lane blocked off again today causing confusion
things got so bad with the backed up traffic and road raging drivers bridge employees vegan arguing and cussing each other

as if that wasnt traunatic enough
on my way home i notice a crew on the powerline
my guy feeling told me this wasnt a good scene
i stopped
excuse me sir, what are you doing?
line maintenance
hmmm ok. do we have power?
no. 5pm
the lights will be back in at 5!?

it was 1215
this is how we rolling in 2017
do what yuh waant
do what yuh waaaaat wid meh

am sure there’s a duck curry contest on somewhere
with a side of mutton

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