our very own touchable prime minister moses nagamootoo

moses parted the red sea but he couldnt convince enough people from his village to vote APNU AFC
today whim remains a ppp insurgent hotbed & moses is not welcomed in almost every village between hopetown and the corentijn river
but this is not about elections
this blog is sprinkled with a few nagga posts like the one where i questioned if he read the newspapers
and me and the moz go way back
i should say me writing about the moz
in his ppp days i always thought he was a real delusional joker
unfit for the post jagan rumble tumble and the only reason and i repeat THE ONLY REASON nagga left the ppp was for being sidelined by jagdeo
he did not leave freedom house because of the lowdown lawlessness, looting, rape and plunder
he may not have personally benefitted directly from it but he never left
until jagdeo put another stake in his heart elevating donald duck to the presidency
moses went on a mini war path, fell in lust with the AFC and the rest is here with us today
he is very contemptuous of the poor while speaking glowingly of them
in his own twisted way
a weird twist of fate catapulted moses to the plateau he perch up on today
like many other negroes
money and political power in hand
the nag has transported himself into the holy heavens with the other minted touchables
like nandlall he has moved beyond cast into another realm

these are the words of a man who enjoys millions of riches told and untold funded by you

“I believe it was the right decision to give Ministers and Members of Parliament a ‘top up’ in the beginning, but not a single cent for 2016 or 2017, and I can tell you this, Ministers and Members of Parliament will not receive a cent more for 2018.”
“we will have to start distributing the small goodies that we have to those who deserve that, and we will give consideration to teachers, but they must be patient and allow us to see methods by which we can raise revenues, because if you have no revenue, you can distribute nothing.”
“I know teachers have huge concerns and our government has been trying to meet those concerns…I was a teacher, my wife was a lecturer at the Cyril Potter College of Education and we struggled to be where we were and where we have come.”
“We wish we could do more. The minimum wage of $60,000 [can’t] buy quite a lot of things, but in my time I worked for $60 a month when I was a teacher – equivalent to US$30 a month…Today it’s about US$300 or there about, not enough, but we have to take things incrementally and hope for the best.”

if this man had any sense believing all this scunt
he should or be so advised to keep his fucking traps shut
why doesnt he lead the way in struggle and live on $60,000 a month?
yuh done get yuh pay raise & yuh perks stop kicking mud in the face of the poor
they done punishing a’ready
no need to remind dem again and again

back in the day when moses was fresh out of freedumb house i wrote a thing called indian artival extraction
back then you could post to moses facebook page and share thoughts
i was immediately banned and my link removed
but that was then
word on the street is
even moses singing this is we time now

i’ll still go to parliament to watch him wrangle and joust with jagdeo and his fellow negro criminals on the floor
it makes for good comedy
in the theatre of the absurd

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