Guyana’s gambino family bank could be shuttered soon – withdraw your money from GBTI

GBTI headed breakneck speed to being seized and taken over
if you got money there, now is the time to get it out
dont say you wasnt warned

no way in hell in even a halfway functional society can a bank be allowed to destroy records, keep billions in transactions off books and thumb their noses at regulators.

as it is now, SOCU trying to investigate what happened to 500 million US$ belonging to a govt entity (guyana rice development board)
and getting this level of resistance
imagine what will happen when the accounts of certain individual scamps are requested

camp street got room for Robin Stoby, Edward A. Beharry, Suresh Beharry, Kathryn Eytle-McLean, Richard Isava, Carlton James and Basil Mahadeo. Chief Executive Officer (ag) Shaleeza Shaw

coincidentally Stoby is the attorney of the DPP who also got matters engaging SOCU 😂

another coincidence
GBTI was the only bank to get up at the state asset recovery consultation to ask what will happen to our filthy lucre?
the lady sent was not happy with the answer

the problem with these negroes at gbti is they think they’re too big to comply
they been living outside the law so long, they’ve forgotten how to fly straight
that’s the purpose of laws & enforcement agencies
to straighten out delinquents
go collect your money from gbti
things about to get mo crazy
run tell dat

One response to “Guyana’s gambino family bank could be shuttered soon – withdraw your money from GBTI”

  1. Too big to fail?
    Too big to jail?

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