Many thanks for taking time off to report your views on Ralph Ramkarran’s speech in North America. Other people who were there had a different view from yours, but since I and most Guyanese were not there, we are yet to hear what he actual said regarding his own role in the politics and life in Guyana – since was a leading PPP member and the Speaker of the National Assembly.

You may know that Ralph said nothing – openly – critical of the JAGDEO LEADERSHIP, until he left the PPP. Ralph did nothing to enhance the ROTTEN JUDICIAL SYSTEM. In fact, evidence can be produced to show how he and his Law firm benefitted from the corrupt system ran by the Jagdeo regime.

The fact is – he was in a position to change things – from outside of the PPP, as he is doing now, but he failed all of us. Did he tell the CIVILISED audience how Janet Jagan approached him to be the one to replace Cheddi Jagan, but she reneged on her position and accepted the position of Presidency.

Janet – chose Jagdeo, instead of Ralph, after she was forced to resign. Why? He was astonished, at her betrayal, but stayed on and remained silent. He had access to pens and papers, even if he could not equip himself with a computer. But Ralph recorded nothing. He was very silent.

Credit must be given to Nagamootoo, albeit for opportunistic reasons, for breaking the sterile politics of the JAGDEO-PPP. Those of us, who worked with Moses knew that he was always a bluff. A man, who was lazy and engaged in pettiness and ferment divisions, rather than build SOCIAL COHESION and INCLUSIVITY, two of his favourite passwords.

Would Ralph fight for SOCIALISM? Did he say if he still believes in the tenets of Marxism. I would guess – ONLY in theory and as a pass-time. A hobby, I would say.

Did Comrade Ralph say that he will work with the ORGANISED workers and farmers Movement, if call to do so – to bring about FUNDAMENTAL changes and place the working people in the CENTRE of politics and EMPOWERMENT. What did he say about giving the SUGAR WORKERS the cane lands and make them ENTREPRENEURS, rather than remain under the ENSLAVEMENT of GAWU AND JAGDEO-PPP ?

I did not read any of the above in your comments about Comrade Ralph Ramkarran. Obviously, the NOSTALGIC and RESTLESS Guyanese audience, who must be bothered about the rise of the KLU KLUX KLAN – now that their leader is in the White House, in the name of Donald Trump.

Did Comrade Ralph encourage them to come home and make the sacrifices that the working classes – farmers, women, youths and others are making to get a better Guyana? Did he tell the foreign Guyanese listening to him, some left Guyana more than 3 decades ago, that he will be the next MESSIAH – walking them away from the two giants – Moses and David, as Nagamootoo likes to call themselves.

Our Guyanese brothers and sisters have little confidence in themselves to lead and to CHANGE things. They don’t believe in SELF EMANCIPATION. They live with this FALSE hope : “who is going to lead us”. So we remain LEADERLESS, and hopeless. Some dare to talk about bringing back the known crooks, like Jagdeo.

I know for sure that ONLY death can take me away from Guyana – I shall NOT be driven into exile again. I am here to stay and change things with the thousands of others who can’t leave. We will do the best for our people and the nation.


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