rainbow colour meat in guyana markets

passing the meat man at the bagotville market sunday morning i couldnt help but notice the rainbow 🌈 colours of the exposed meat 😁wooooo
eat up eat up yuh cow beef ram sheep halal pork 

is only by the grace of sweet baby jesus meat eaters in guyana have not been wiped out by some plague or the other

i avoid walking anywhere close to where meat is being butchered, sold, transported or displayed. it ain a nice picture or smell

little facts to keep in mind next time you picking your choice cuts off de back of de donkey cart : : GUYANA CANNOT EXPORT MEAT TO ANY COUNTRY IN THE MILKY WAY

i think that should bring it home
based on our own phytosanitary standards, all meat processing facilities in guyana should be permanently closed
we ain get to whitey’s rules & barriers yet

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