the gambino family of guyana aka the beharrys : petrocaribe banksters

apnu afc is still trying to figure out how to deal with these ppp affiliated negro mafia clans 
these banksters would like to have you believe they work hard for their honest dollar
uh huh
petrocaribe, cocaine proceeds, large govt contracts, kick backs, gold fraud
you name it these banksters are neck deep in every big racket that went down
in a just world they’d be under the prison not in it
the gambino clan were the only syndicato to publicly denounce the state asset recovery bill at the public consultation
me wonder why?
our local gambinos also “own” an oil company called CGX
they tried beating exxon to the punch but failed
unlike exxon, negroes dont invest, they just collect & stockpile
unable to find foreign suckers to pour money into exploration they lost the black gold sweepstakes to exxon
their equipment rusting in the sea salt on the right hand side over the berbice bridge
granger & crew will have to break the backs of these mafia families or become their lapdogs
are we there yet?
we is sure gonna soon find out

GRDB also collected hundreds of millions in US dollars in delayed oil payment monies from the Guyana government to pay rice farmers and millers.SOCU wants to know where and to whom some of these monies went.

SOCU reportedly found that strangely, one of the directors on the GRDB was the former Chief Executive Officer of GBTI, John Tracey. He resigned earlier this year.

What investigators reportedly found strange is why GBTI was chosen over the rest of the commercial banks to be a member of the GRDB Board.

In February, investigators reportedly asked GBTI for information on several GRDB accounts, including details of wire transfers.

While other banks were cooperating, GBTI seemed reluctant, claiming in some instances that records could not be found, or that software changes had caused the unavailability of documents.

The bank went further to state that some of the information was not certified and it would be useless in case of a court case.

In August, an exasperated SOCU applied to the High Court for orders asking GBTI to hand over the information.

On August 29, the Chief Justice issued the production orders, giving GBTI seven days to hand over the records SOCU had requested.

The bank was granted some extensions by the SOCU investigators after the court deadline passed. However, by then it was too late. GBTI informed the court that some of the information asked for had been destroyed under the anti-money laundering legislation which allowed for documents to be shredded after seven years.

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