guyana govt relaunching hpv vaccine program rejected by citizens

beginning around 2008 with leslie ramsammy, the guyan govt under orders from the whiteman has been trying out mass vaccinations on the poor of this nation

more specifically they were told gardisal is good, mass vaccinate all your boys and girls
somebody of course someway down the line is pocketing serious dollars
but beyond that, are we that gullible to just accept this foolishness?

in the usa there are no national mass vaccinations endorsed by the federal government
it’s been tried in texas and a few other places but widely rejected for various reasons.

the drug pushers say we crazy to reject this thing but since when being crazy and paranoid about drug companies such a bad thing?

just as how the govt can talk to the people, so can we and we talk to we people daily
and we say reject gardisal
the people of this country are not schupit
they tried everything
radio, tv, church, school, brochures, flyers etc all to failure

now the manufacturer of gardisal Merck, Sharpe and Dohme along with the ministry of public health is trying to relaunch the campaign
they’ve flown in some big negroes from university of the west indies and roped in the various country chiefs of PAHO, UNICEF etc
they’ve managed to beat a few thousand poor women into serving up their children for the first dose

In 2012 campaign, 21,600 girls between the ages of 11-13 were vaccinated. At the time, the girls were required to receive three doses of the vaccine in order for their immune system to efficiently fight the HPV Virus.

check the contempt these people have for poor people
we’ll continue to say no and monitor the situation

Dr. Keisha Chin, Doctor-in-Charge of the East LaPenitence Health Centre, who spoke on behalf of the Minister of Public Health, revealed that “for the first dose, misconceptions and a lack of information to the public led to high dropouts for the second and third doses. In fact, between the years 2012 to 2014, 21,600 girls were vaccinated with no known reported cases of death or incident.”

In this regard, Dr. Chatrani’s presentation highlighted that side effects to the HPV vaccine differ from what has been touted by naysayers.


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