is wuh you doin to dem man girl?

she flashes a big smile but you know beneath that thin veneer lies trouble
they treating you good?
well ah cyan seh it good an ah cyan seh it bad
so wuh yuh sayin?
it a’rite
how a’rite
well…ah gettin nice money
wuh is nice money
man!….well yuh know how it does guh
no nah really
you know wuh ah mean man
tell me
dem customer does treat we nice. de boss seh we muss free up we’self an suh
hmmmm free up y’self. wuh an wuh duh include?
baiiii….hol on ah comin
she goes over to another table and smiles at an older man. she touch him on the shoulder
they both laugh
he holds her hand and says something
she laughs again and walk away slowly
a bit unsure
ah gone
is gone yuh gone suh quick
yea i ain come fuh long
but you must come back
i gon come back
de lass time yuh tell me suh is months pass before ah see you again
no man ah gon come back again
you sure?
you muss come. doan fool me yuh know. ah doan really get nobody fuh talk to with
poverty is violence
last year she was dreaming about university
this year she’s lost in a world of alcohol & prostituting poorly disguised as bar tending
ah get something else by another place
doing what?
duh big man seh he got a place
what type of place?
me ain know but he seh he gon pay meh 7000 for four hours. a upscale place he seh
7000?! doing what?
man you always you know
is wuh you doing to dem man girl?
budday is drinks i servin hey
we both laugh for a good while
is drinks serving

One response to “is wuh you doin to dem man girl?”

  1. Indeed, Mark: poverty is violence.

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