guyana to english – shirt button

ah hear a new one today
taxi man telling me bout he ex girlfriend

doan worry wid she, she is a shirt button. she like deh in front
here wuh she tell me. she tell me when she come home i muss tell me wife is she turn now & me wife muss fall back cause is she time
an when she gone back pon de plane whey she come from is me wife time again
yuh eva hear madness like duh?
i tell she mmm mmmm not me. wrong bang. but duh is she style she like deh in front. front an centre like a shirt button.

so yuh tell yuh wife she coming?
banna res yself. like is dead you waan i dead

3 responses to “guyana to english – shirt button”

  1. Mark, that’s a good one. LOL

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