me ain know you from de ghetto?

wuh yuh waan?
banks beer
is a girl in de back birthday. gt is five fuh a thousand
so we spoatin?
yea we spoatin if you waan spoat

jus like that you walk into a business full of underpaid underapreciated proles & off on a magic carpet ride we go

birthday girl come out from behind deh
wuh yuh waan?
is nah yuh birthday, we spoatin
girl leh we drink he buy 5 gt

hear dis hey! movado, oh gaaawd!!!
yuh mus come moe steady rastaman & watch fuh dis crew. de five uh we
when yall wuk?
every other night

aye woman like i ain gon geh dis banks beer tonight
why you doan res yself
you tekkin suh long dis beer should be free
if is free yuh waan tek it
gimme two

wait but is who?
is me
i kno he
the other four laugh
she grabs her crotch and put the beer to her head
the gyrations are devilish

but i know you from de ghetto
you know me?
yea i know you?
you know he?
i ain mus kno he. you kno eho is he?

never dusrupt a magical moment
pull up back de movado

is long time me ain see you though
how long?
she pause to give her friend a lap dance and make some lewd beer bottle jokes
las time i see you in de ghetto was before i been south africa 2010
dem hold me in johanesburg when ah go deh. was winter
when you come back?
de other day
yuh learn zulu
dem people does talk 13 languages. i learn fuh seh one one thing

leh we spoat man ah deh back home. ah happy
you sure you know he?
i ain mus know he. he kno me too doan watch he suh

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