the purge of the guyana police force begins any second now

was only a matter of time before good life coalition had to step up and purge the criminal elements running the police force
a lil too late, but to be expected
is old people we dealing wid ๐Ÿ˜€
commission of inquiry report in hand, granger now has to act
he will politely ask all who get entangled in the web to go thy way peacefully
failing that
article 255 of the constitution of the cooperative republic and other means will be used to ROOT DEM OUT
you cannot build a nation with rampant lawlessness & chaos
is about time the guyana police force be brought in line
the commissioner is probably bouncing some illegal spanish whore on his lap right about now
he has no moral authority to continue occupying the office of commissioner
be gone seelall

One response to “the purge of the guyana police force begins any second now”

  1. […] preparation for the purge intensifies guyana chronic is out front softening dem up & demoralising dem with daily […]

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