if you don’t like what i write, sue me

‪dear guyana mutton! ‬
‪if for some strange reason you unhappy with anything i write
you got a few options
continue being unhappy
explore your unhappiness
or forget all two and sue me
take me to one of your kangaroo courts and pour your heart and soul out to whatever clown magistrate willing and able to hear your matter
i might even show up and say a few words or two
and subject myself to [fill in the blank] slash scunt
when all the above fails
show your true Guyanese colours and threaten me
until then
am half almost one eight tempted to say shut the fuck up and run along
but we’re approaching social cohesion nirvana
and it would be uncivilised
of me
to disrupt
this moment
of national blissfullness
in the name of this that or whatever imaginary right i claim to have

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