guyana minibus system should be abolished

we can all count scores of lawless conduct daily by buses on the road
am not sure what the national govt is waiting for but minibuses ought to be legislated out of existence
most of the “drivers” have illegal licenses
they’re responsible for rape of children and sex abuse, drunk driving, vehicular manslaughter and a wide range of lowdown & criminal behaviour
a department of transportation is needed to regulate buses, trucks and taxis and bring an end to this madness
minibuses do not meet the needs of the travelling public

sunday i saw a chap driving a bus
less than a year ago he flipped a bus and killed someone
guyana being what it is, there was never even a trial
he’s been back on the road months now

i jus looked up from the passenger seat and saw this
BVV 6615 fetching school children
tinted windows – infraction
overloaded – infraction
loud music – infraction
driver on cell phone – infraction
driver without seatbelt – infraction

are we so happy with all our suicidal habits we cant change?

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