the irony of guyana govt hurricane relief to citizens living abroad

i am more in tune with the regular sufferers of guyana more than anyone in big negroes inc could ever be
and is simple
on most days i is one of the suffers
so i talking to one of meh taxi frens
and poor people got a way of talking in parts when they revealing they soul
and is hard for supporters of apnu afc especially cause most of them living on the precipice waiting on change & good life

taxi man speaks slowly & deliberately
sooo ah see de guvment sen’in relief fuh guyanese who geh ketch in de hurricane
we both buss out in hysterical laughter
eh heh so ah see
bai dese people know dey able. DESE PEOPLE KNOW DEY ABLE!
people right hey in guyana need relief
yuh know right? people right hey sufferin an dem talkin bout sendin’ relief farrin. we need relief right hey
dats how they roll
bai dis politics ain easy. i ain able wid dese people i tell yuh
dey sure is able
dese days ah ain kno bout dese people bai
ah hear yuh

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