the devil made me wink

i was at the mall watching my friends shop the other day
a tortorous experience not to be repeated again for 2017
during one of my conscious moments i looked up
and saw a face that kinda looked like somebody i should know
my short term memory is failing me like that
faces come with no names and instructions to fill in the blanks
when discovered again

she was walking arm in arm with a boy
totally in love
or some derivitive there of
then i remember is the girl from the hardware store
she looked different and more beautiful out & about
i was leaning on a rack trying to figure out why i volunteered for mall duties
and silently cursing mself
she smiled and i perked up and smiled too
the guy was drifting off staring at something then she winked
the devil made me wink back
holding his hand she turned him down the garden aisle
everything happened in nano seconds

a few minutes later we passed each other like two ships in the night in the furniture section
he told her something and she held him closer
they’re in love
and shopping

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