guyana police & soldiers allow cocaine planes to land in rupununi

the lowlife behaviour of many police, soldier, canu and others are endangering guyana
no doubt the pay is small, but you cannot allow plane loads of foreigners, cocaine & guns to flow freely under your nose

the plane above, like many others are a regular feature in the skies of region 9
police and soldiers and others were close enough to see this plane land
what happened next would defy everything in almost any other country
in guyana, the official story is, the men ran away
into the open savannah
and disappeared

keep on keeping on
dont change nuttin
exxon oil money in 2020 will solve everything
and they lived happily after
in their fantasies

2 responses to “guyana police & soldiers allow cocaine planes to land in rupununi”

  1. Mmmmmm…I never looked at the situation from that angle of the Police and soldiers stationed in Region 9..working in collusion with the mysterious planes left behind and Drug dealers and smugglers..of a fact..they must hear these planes landing and taking off with no investigation of their it’s all a possibility of that fact..and I had even suggested that our security forces be equipped with drones to cover their shown in the photo above..Now it’s a point of investigating our own Police and Military in connection with these foreign planes seized and it’s activities in Guyana..

  2. […] to head where “bullet” entered fellow killer escapes into the night kinda like the occupants of a certain plane who vanished in broad daylight in the flat savannah but dont leh we go deh the police made several […]

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