guyana prisoner shot in stomach escaping custody! sweet baby jesus the stasi is real winston hinds

For your hands are defiled with blood and your fingers with iniquity; your lips have spoken lies; your tongue mutters wickedness. Isiah 59:3

i started this a good while ago & stopped
yeaaaa some things are better left unsaid

if a prisoner is ESCAPING
someone anyone pray tell me how he dead from a bullet to his STOMACH!?

Kaieteur News: Winston Hinds, called “Town Man,” of Blue Berry Hill, Wismar, was shot in the stomach by a prison officer. He was pronounced dead at the East Bank Demerara Regional Hospital.

the writer doesnt bother to explain but goes on to give you details of the man’s violent past
and uprisings and violence in prison et cetera
in other words to paraphrase
the stupid mofo is dead cause he’s violent & hard ears
facts of how he dead dont matter 

there are lots of officers, prison, police and army upset they are not being allowed to kill beat up and torture as they’ve grown accustomed to under the ppp mafia clan 1992 – 2015 may

i don’t know what david granger & his apnu afc crew told the police & security madmen officially or behind the scenes
but there has been a precipitous drop in murders, shootings & wanton beastislity from police, soldiers, prison officers & the like
check fuh yself

that being said, they is who they is & could return there without notice

and i mean, without notice. in case you missed it. the police murdered charles peters and moved on
their official explanation was someone called to report an unkempt man with mud on his skin
they murdered him
shot him in the back
poor charlie was not a prison escapee or wanted anywhere
he saw a truck load of wild beasts coming & he ran
the beasts shot hom down and flung his body in the back of their truck

the govt info agency took a page out of stasi’s playbook in reporting how winston hinds went to heaven
and this version was diseminated to the proles by stabroek news & the govt owned ganja paper

for those who arent familiar with the word stasi. in guyana it’s hypothetical sister is called the ministry of security & it’s headed by second vice presidente khemraj ramjattan
but to stasi

Stasi, official name Ministerium für Staatsicherheit (German: “Ministry for State Security”), secret police agency of the German Democratic Republic (East Germany). The Stasi was one of the most hated and feared institutions of the East German communist government.

if this is not stasi lite, i dont know what is
check this

title: Director of Prisons confirms incident at Timehri Prison- attempted escape bid resulted in fatal last resort action by prison officers.

a prisoner shot dead is sanitised to fatal last resort INCIDENT

intro: Friday, August 4, 2017 – Director of Prisons Gladwin Samuels this evening confirmed that a fatal incident occurred at the Timehri Prison at approximately 17:00hrs today involving prisoner Winston Hinds (26 years old) who was on remand for murder.

para 2, prisoners gone mad:

The circumstances, as reported to the Director of Prisons by Timehri Prison officials, are that several prisoners were involved in a serious physical altercation and assault in which they were using improvised weapons.

para 3, the saints go marching in : Prison officers attempted to restore order by breaking up the violent fracas.

para 4, setting the scene for guns & bloodshed. the villain gone mad: During this process, Hinds fled into the prison yard in an apparent bid to escape.

para 5, not only is the motherfucker mad, he not listening. guns up: Clear and repeated orders were issued for Hinds to desist but he refused in every instance and continued running. Prison officers were left with no option than to curtail his escape bid.

para 6, they is who they is & could return there without notice. check the linguistics: This necessitated the use of live rounds as a last resort after every other option had failed.

para 7, oh stasi!: Hinds was struck on the body by a single round and was immediately taken to the East Bank Demerara Hospital Complex at Diamond where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

let’s pause for a moment and study the human body of a running man and i quote stasi
he refused in every instance and continued running
so they shot running away man but in the clean up job attempt, stomach morphs into body.

para 7, the police will investigate what the director of prison said & his family knows: next of kin was immediately informed and the police are conducting an investigation.

para 8, more uh dem gon dead if dey doan stop acting crazy like winston: The Guyana Prison Service deeply regrets the loss of Mr. Hinds’ life and extends deepest condolences to his family, relatives and friends. The GPS will also reiterate its internal calls to all prisoners to conduct themselves responsibly, to resist any temptation to escape from lawful custody, to obey the instructions of prison officers at all times and to serve their sentences as mandated by the courts until such time as they are eligible for release.

deeply regret the loss
deepest condolences
conduct themselves responsibly
resist any temptation
as mandated by the courts

i’ve never seen a kangaroo
but i’ve sat in many guyana courtrooms

normally these things are signed by scribes of the state but i just went back & check and lo & behold it came from lite stasi

it’s here that i’ll make my first controversial statement
even prisoners who killed people are ENTITLED to certain basic rights
yea that’s correct
they are in prison as punishment
not to be further punished
i’d love to know who shot the ‘escaping’ prisoner or who gave the orders
for you knee jerk supporters of official lawlessness, here’s a sample from the prison act. i.e. the law prison officers are supposedly guided by 

a few more days pass
and now this! in the govt owned & controlled ganja paper

Bobb said that she witnessed the post mortem of her son and the findings show that he was shot to the abdomen, while the prison authorities are saying that he was shot while trying to escape. She said if he was shot while escaping he would have been more than likely hit on the back and not the abdomen. “I feel really bad about it, I feel real hurt because I think the jail is supposed to take care of your children when they are in prison,” the mother of six said.

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