Full List of All 371 Tribes in Nigeria, States Where They Originate

371! i think of guyana where two at each others throats daily 😁

Nigeria is made up of several ethnic groups, majority of which are the Igbo, Hausa and the Yoruba. Within these ethnic groups are several tribes numbering 371.

However, the multi-tribal nature of Nigeria may put someone at a loss, especially when such tribes begin to display their unique culture, dialect, etc. To this end, a full list of the 371 tribes in Nigeria is provide for better understanding of the beautiful and united country called Nigeria.


2 responses to “Full List of All 371 Tribes in Nigeria, States Where They Originate”

  1. Incredible! Mark, look on the bright side: our Indian and African ancestors also came from diverse backgrounds. Yet, as two distinct groups, they each managed to come together to overcome the adversities they endured and to triumph.

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