Today in guyana – being hit by a mini bus

I’ve always have a morbid fear of being hit by a minibus or any vehicle on these crazy streets
i love bicycles but it will take a lot for me to ride about the almost anywhere on the coast of guyana knowing what i know about our local loons
today a route 40 kitty campbleville driver seemed poised to send me home to meet my lord
it wasnt my turn
sweet baby jesus ain finished with me yet
so you’re driving on streets not assigned for bus travel
run a stop sign
drive on the wrong side of the road
and hit a pedestrian
what do you say to your victim?
oh i saw you all right and you will be dealt with


2 responses to “Today in guyana – being hit by a mini bus”

  1. Hope you haven’t suffered any serious injuries.

  2. I love bicycles too… But – it’s a free for all, eh (Jamaican roads are no better, or rather the people who use them are no better). Take care!

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